B79 Music Publishing Group

B79Music is a publishing and production company founded in 2007 whose works have been featured in various productions from commercials, music videos to feature films for many clients including "Swatch, Flik Flak, Police, Nestlè, Lexus, Nissan, Emi, Universal Music".

We looks forward the creation of music for artists as well as for advertising, tunes, commercials, etc.

B79 Music operates with a close group of artists such as Re-Up, Cosmic Cowboys, Max Orian, Era Vulgaris, Dariush, Ricky Fobis, Dj Pure, Igor S, Lady Brian, moreover we admin a large pool of label such as Kina Music, Back and Forth recordings, Zeitlos Music, KDW Records, RMS Records, Blue Pearls, Silly Music, Wizz Music and many more.


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